Learn from each activity in your Life

How do you want to spend your weekends while snuggling in your bed or you spend some time with your dreams towards their fulfillment?

The dreams are our pathways to the ladder of success, if we ever wanted to go forward and march to our dreams, we definitely want to take it forward to other levels as well. But today the kids and adults sometimes find it difficult to make a connection with their dreams as they do not know the right path to achieve their goals.

Are games can also let me climb the ladder of the success?simcity buildit hack

Yes, the games like SimCity Buildit game can help you to rely upon your dreams and in the coming future can also make you recognize that you should march to your dreams. Get as many simoleons as you want with simcity buildit hack.

There may be hurdles while doing so, but you should not look back and get scared because of them rather you should become more strong and confident about yourself.

How the games like SimCity Buildit can help you in achieving your goals

  1. The SimCity Buildit which involves multi-tasking at a time teaches the individual time management, how to spend time at each level while taking care of the other things coming in the mid-way too.
  1. SimCity Buildit has also lots of mysteries involved as you always know there is lots to come in your way while reaching the pinnacle, similarly while playing you will see lots of hiccups coming your way which will try to make it difficult for you to play, but this should be your technique and attitude that how you manage to come out of the same.
  1. SimCity Buildit is a kind of a game that involves lots of challenges to be involved that ought to test your abilities while playing, at that point of time you need to be cautious and patient so that you can pass the level by scoring better and do not need to worry about the results as well.
  1. The SimCity Buildit is based on the real life, making cities, building them running efficiently, the same involves lots of planning from all sides and also warns people about the repercussions of their own actions if any wrong decisions can be taken at any point in time.
  1. The game tells you about the role of decision maker in a virtual way because here you ought to make mistakes, but in the real life if you take bad decisions than they do have long term repercussions for you as well. So, be wise and analyses all the circumstances rationally before taking the decision for yourself as this will not only affect you but also the things and people living around will get equally affected by them

As stated above the games are not only games, but they teach you the various commonalities that need to be taken care of you in your life. Play SimCity Buildit and do learn the various lessons of life.

Jen’s Birthday Geek Wishes

It’s February 17th. My birthday, that is! Even my local radio station was nice enough to send me a birthday e-mail!! To celebrate, I thought I’d let you in on my simple birthday wishes: geek style (Hey Ben, this could also be for the cheap geek!).Highway Emergency Tool Kit ($22.00)I recently purchased a 2006 Toyota RAV4 in barcelona red. I’m so excited. So, I need to be prepared. This 22 piece kit has everything you need for an emergency, including jumper cables and some other handy tools that I can’t identify (I’m not car savvy). Best of all, it’s in pink! Or maybe I should get a red one?Colorful Computer Clock Set (set of 4, $59.99)My alarm clock isn’t working so great, and since I’m moving, I need to invest in one.dani-bday-2015

This alarm clock is shaped like a computer (more like a Mac). I’ve never seen anything like it. They’re sold as a set of four, in tangerine, grape, teal, and smoke. Requires AAA batteries.Multiple Unit Recharging Station ($24.95)If you’re anything like me, I’ve got quite a few gadgets and lots of wires running all over the place. Most of the time, they wind up getting tangled, and I have to spend a good 15 minutes unplugging everything just to fix it. This multiple unit charging station seems like the solution, since it charges cell phones, mp3 players, PDAs, and the like. All you do is run your cables through each hole so it’s nice and neat. And, the docking station is a nice touch to keep your gadgets in a safe place.

Roll-up Calculator ($15.99)Calculators are always practical items. Most of the time I use the one on my cell phone during my travels, but an actual calculator is better. This one rolls up and easily fits in your purse or bag. And it comes in 5 chic colors.Crystal Fuze Necklace ($24.99)I was looking for some geeky jewelry and finally found this glowing necklace. It looks cheesy, I know, but it’s made from a Swarovski crystal and sports a glowing LED in one of four colors: jade green, white, blue, and violet. And it’s from ThinkGeek.com: enough said.

Sub-$50 Headphones for the iPod Klutz

My name is Ben and I’m a klutz.I can’t tell you how many times I’ve nearly had my ears removed from my head when my MP3 player’s headphone cable got snared on a doorknob or some other protruding object. Perhaps this is really what happened to Van Gogh.Wireless headphones for the home have been around for a while, but last year Logitech came up with a solution for those of us who like to listen on the go: Bluetooth headphones. There are two versions, black wraparounds for any MP3 player, and white wraparounds that work with specific iPods (iPod photo, mini, U2, 3G and 4G).


Connect the included Bluetooth transmitter and you’re up and running. Because the iPod version connects to the player’s remote connector plug, you can control the iPod with buttons on the headphone’s right earpiece. (PC Magazine’s Mike Kobrin gave the MP3 version 4-stars: click here to read the review.)I saw Joel Santo Domingo, our PC guru, wearing a pair of these while working in PC Labs the other day and asked him about them. Here’s what he had to say:They’re great except… my brother who also has a pair can’t use his anymore because of the cracked headband problem. It sounds good, having no cords is a blessing, and it’s a brilliant design, except they really should’ve made the headband foldable.

I specifically use them in the office because I never want to stuff them into my bag while running to the train and hear a ‘crack’ that tells me they’re ruined.So Joel doesn’t recommend them for commuting, but I think I’d take my chances. It’s when I’m out and about that I need to be without cords. (Actually, I need that at home too.) But I have heard about cracking headbands. Logitech has apparently been pretty good about replacing broken units in warranty, but who wants to go through that. Handle with care.When the headphones were introduced, the MP3 headphones cost $129.99 and the iPod units were $149.99. But Buy.com now has the iPod version for $42.99 after $50 rebate and eCost has them for $41, also after the $50 rebate. The generic MP3 version? Still over $100. There is no justice.Still, at under $50 for the iPod version, maybe a few more klutzes can be saved.

Subscription-compatible MP3 player for $39.99

I didn’t buy much on Black Friday 2005, the day after Thanksgiving when stores purportedly have all their crazy door-buster specials. I found most of the deals disappointing. But one deal that I took advantage of was a $39 special on a 512MB SanDisk Sansa m230 MP3 player. I went over to Best Buy with my uncle and we found them on the shelf. He started to grab a bunch, but I told him I thought it was probably one per customer. A salesperson wandered by, and told us there were no limits. They had tons in back, we should take as many as we wanted. He took at least 5. I grabbed 3. There are tons of cheap MP3 players out there, so what’s so special about this tiny SanDisk player? The m200 series of players is compatible with all the PlaysForSure subscription services including Napster, Rhapsody and Yahoo! Music. I’m a big fan of the subscription services; for the cost of one CD a month, I have access to over a million songs. If I hear something I like; I grab it…legally. Naysayers always point out that when your subscription expires, your music is gone.

Subscription-compatible MP3 player for $39.99

True, but take a close look at your music collection. Add up all the dollars spent on albums that you never listen to anymore. That’s a lot of wasted money. If you go the subscription route but you come across something that you know you’ll listen to forever, then buy it. (I would probably purchase the CD, not the DRM-protected download, but that’s another matter.)Back to the SanDisk player. On top of being subscription compatible, it also works with Audible.com downloadable audiobooks. That’s another rarity in a low-end player. If you haven’t tried Audible yet, it’s definitely worth checking out. And I continue to marvel at the fact that SanDisk was able to fit an LCD into this bargain player, something that Apple apparently couldn’t figure out how to do on the iPod shuffle. SanDisk is soon releasing an upgraded line of players that could establish them as a significant mover, so some stores have been clearing out their stock of existing units. This week, OfficeDepot has the m230 for $39.99 after $30 in rebates. It appears to be an in-store only special. In fact, their ad is a bit confusing.

They picture the 1GB m240 player and say that the deal is actually on their e130 non-subscription-compatible player, but it appears to really be the m230 that’s on sale. Make sure they give you the right one. And enjoy. This is a great little player.

Toy Fair 2006: Tech Toys, Part II

Here in New York, the sun’s out, the snow’s melting, and Toy Fair is nearly at an end. I saw more tech-influenced toys this year than maybe ever before (and I’ve been at each Toy Fair for the past 6 years). I know this because of the pile of work I didn’t get to on Monday or Tuesday that I will soon have to plough through. I’ll put that off a little longer and post a few more highlights.I actually got referred to Hong Kong-based Blue Box Toys by another company: “You have to see their iPod stuff!” I’m glad I caught it.

Toy Fair 2006: Tech Toys, Part II

The company has a line called B2 MiJam coming to the U.S. in late summer; each of the products is a music-generating device of some sort and connect up to digital audio players so you can jam along to your own music. (Or sing: one is a karaoke-style mic.) Here is a shy demoer playing the miJam guitar; she rocked. The toys will cost $20 to $50. I always look forward to seeing what LeapFrog is up to. I’ve been covering the company practically since it launched, and while imitators of innovative products like the LeapPad have appeared, LeapFrog had a big head start and still does it best.

And in 2005, PC Magazine gave the FLY Pentop Computer a best-of-the-year nod. This year, LeapFrog is introducing a new line of interactive learning products for babies, called Little Leaps Grow With Me Learning System. Junior can play with console (right) as a standalone “activity center; or parents can hook it up to the DVD player and it becomes a wireless remote for activities onscreen. When the baby becomes the toddler, the top of the device flips over, and it becomes a joystick. At $39.99 ($17.99 for additional disks) this will fly off shelves.I could write way more, but sadly, I have an actual job that I should really pay attention to. I made up a slideshow of lots of other tech toys, which should show up at PCMag.com soon. One last (nontechnical) item, for Star Wars geeks (left): Hasbro is reissuing five vintage figurines from the original three movies. If you collect ’em all and mail in stickers from each package, you will be sent, free of charge (drumroll) a George Lucas action figure (shown at top). Ain’t he cute?

The Return of the Cheap Geek

Last December, the Cheap Geek got out of the gate with a bang on pcmag.com, but then it went on hiatus in January. Part of that was due to the fact that I bought a new car (below invoice, of course) which lowered my shopping drive just a bit. But while I may not be opening up my wallet as often (except perhaps for a few Free After Rebate deals), I still love finding great deals and sharing them. I’m going to be posting deals here on Gearlog because it will let me tell you about individual bargains as I come across them, rather than wait to gather several and wrap them all together into an entire column. But if you want to save the most money, you’ve got to do a little hunting on your own as well. (Just make sure you know the difference between a good price and a hunting buddy.)


So here are a few places to get started:In the past, I’ve mentioned my favorite sites:Techbargains (www.techbargains.com): All tech (well, mostly tech). Constantly updated with great deals, whether through discounts, rebates, or piling on the coupon codes. SlickDeals (www.slickdeals.net): Not nearly as active as Techbargains, but when they get pretty clever to eek out a few more dollars of savings.Ben’s Bargains (www.bensbargains.net): Got to love it, if for no other reason than the name.

A lot like TechBargains, although not quite as info loaded (or overloaded) While the column was away, I still received several e-mails from readers suggesting additional sites. Here are some of the best:And, of course, there’s always http://shop.pcmag.com where you can search for the best price on a specific item. But when you find a price you like, check Techbargains or one of the other sites to see if there are coupon codes that could save you a few dollars more when you click through from shop.pcmag.com.

Tech Toys at Toy Fair 2016

New York is one resiliant town. We got buried under more than 2 feet of snow, but that didn’t stop the Toy Fair, which opened Sunday, February 12 (blizzard day). I got to the Javits Convention Center on Monday to see whether technology has made any new inroads into the toy industry; with a few notable exceptions (toys from LeapFrog, WowWee, and Hasbro among them) tech-toy pickings have been a mite slim the past few years. Maybe because kids are so glued to their Xboxes and Gameboys…? I get that, but the kid in me wants a bunch of this stuff too. I loved the Floating Ideas levitating globe, at left, from Fascinations, whose motto is “wonders created by physicists.”


I’m a sucker for science toys. Anyway, it’s done with magnets, of course, but it looks like magic. The base has an auto-rotate mechanism, so you can just let your world slowly spin in the air. This belongs on my desk! I was also intrigued by a new robot kit, from Hitec Robotics, a company that’s new to me. The Robonova-1 (right) looks a bit like the WowWee Robosapian but is definitely higher end, at a cool $1,000 for the build-it-youself kit and $1,200 for the prebuilt version. Robonova-1 has no fewer than 16 digital servos, which makes him positively acrobatic. You also get software programming tools so you can create a large variety of remote-controllable behaviors. And he’s got Bluetooth: I know that’ll excite a lot of hobbyists, if they can afford him! I stand corrected; no Bluetooth included.

The ones at the show had it, but only so they could dance together.Other fun stuff: the GameWave game console from Zapit, $99; it comes with 4 wireless controllers, and everyone can play at once. Cool for parties and families. M-Audio’s Piano Wizard, a very cool concept in teaching kids (and others) to play and ultimately to read music. Kid versions of digital cameras, iPod cases, and more, from Sakar. And (software, not a gadget, but so what) Xipster’s stop-motion animation programs, FreeStyle and QuickTake, which let you create little filmic masterpieces really quickly. I’ll be going back for more tomorrow, at the showrooms in the Toy Building. I think I should expense my next pair of snow boots.

Sony PlayStation Home’s Top 10 List

July has come and gone for all of us PlayStation Home Community members and with all the happy shiny avatars running around PlayStation Home, we have enjoyed another month of great content drops.
Each month, when Sony sends us its list of Top 10 items sold for any particular month, it is always interesting to find out what items seem to appeal to the members of our community.  As always, let me clear up that this Top 10 List is in the order of UNITS SOLD, not dollar amount.

Some items seem to have a solid grasp in the Top 10 list month after month such as Mass Media Inc.’s  The Green Ticket which came in 1st place again!   The Green Ticket allows members of our community the opportunity to play the various games in the Midway spaces on PlayStation Home.   Other items that are very popular month after month are Lockwood Publishing Ltd.’s  Gift Machine Token Paks, both the 80 Pak which came in 2nd place and the 480 Pak which came in 5th place.   Not to be left behind, Digital leisure Inc. came in 3rd place with the 500 chip Pak for those who love to gamble (of course we mean ‘virtual’ gambling! ^_- ) in the Casino public space.
A couple of items have appeared on the Top 10 list before, such as Sony Computer Entertainment of America’s Graffiti Neon Green High-Tops for males, which came in 4th place; and Lockwood Publishing Ltd.’s Blue Skinny Jeans with Red Belt and White Boxer Shorts, which came in 6th place.     Sony Computer Entertainment of America also had its Checkered Black Shirt and Tattoo for males which came in 8th place.
We had three brand NEW products that made a big impact for PlayStation Home Community members for the month of July.   Seeing that many community members have been clamoring for more custom animations for their avatars;  one company, Konami Digital Entertainment Inc. has already made a big impact in PlayStation Home with their “Raver Neon Man” which came in 7th place.  This Raver Neon Man comes complete with some new dance moves and new animations as it constantly changes colors through its palette of bright neon colors.  Lockwood Publishing Ltd. released its high definition PODI Ultimate Fireworks Display Pack just in time for the 4th of July fireworks extravaganza in PlayStation Home, even going as far as opening up its Midnight Glade space into a public space just as a great space to display its new high definition PODI firework display.  The PODI Ultimate Fireworks Display Pack debuted in 9th place for the month of July.    Last but definately not least… Sony Computer Entertainment of America came in 10th place with its NEW Crystal Seashores Apartment, a super deluxe haven for those PlayStation Home community members who like to live ‘in style’.

Do you want to get free shards with Marvel Avengers Academy Hack?

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Top 5 Xbox One exclusive games in 2015

top 5 games xbox

When the Xbox One arrived last year on November, Microsoft pushed exclusive titles like Dead Rising three, Forza Motorsport five, Killer Instinct and Ryse: Son of Rome. The publisher glad fans, however there’s much more to the lineup than a handful of exclusive games. Thankfully, there is a lot of where that came from.2015 starts in less than a month, and it looks like a promising year for Xbox One fans. Here are our top 5 games to look out for next year:5. Fable LegendsFable Legends is set in the same fantasy world of Albion, but it’s a different sort of game from its predecessors. Instead of a single-player action role-playing game, the developer calls Legends a “multiplayer online quest adventure game.” To cut through the jargon, four players (or AI-controlled characters) will act as heroes in the game, while a fifth player takes the role of the villain. The villain’s job is to set up the quest, deploy the enemies, and trigger traps as the heroes play. It sounds kind of like a dungeon master in a game of Dungeons & Dragons, which could work out very well on Xbox One.

There’s a closed beta for the game, players can register – here.4. Crackdown 3Agent, you’re back on mission. After the first two Crackdown games made waves on Xbox 360, the franchise continues on Xbox One with an even bigger city to explore, more abilities to unlock and more trouble to get into. The trailer above is all CG, but it gives you an idea of what you can do with your teammates, even if it means driving up the side of a building to bust into someone’s office. We can’t wait! 3. Quantum Break It’s been a few years since Remedy Entertainment, the creators of Alan Wake and Max Payne, worked on something new. However, Quantum Break isn’t too far off from release – and it looks amazing, as you can see from the above gameplay clip. The game features three playable characters, whose story revolves around the control of time-based elements (due to a freakish time travel accident).

This allows them to save those in danger, while also battling soldiers that will stop at nothing to shut them down. The level of ambition in this one is quite high, and should make for a fantastic experience when it releases next year. Welcome back, Remedy.2. Ori and the Blind ForestOri and the Blind Forest is a 2D adventure platformer developed by Moon Studios.

The game follows Ori, a guardian spirit who’s on a mission to save the forest he calls home. With the help of Sein, a glowing butterfly who guides him through the dark. The player takes control of both character, with Ori only able to move and jump while Sein solves puzzles and attacks the enemies on the way. The developers promise a unique way of playing combining the moves of the two characters.

Graphics look amazing too, resembling another Xbox exclusive called Dust: An Elysian Tail. The game is scheduled for early next year for Xbox One, an Xbox 360 version is planned as well and should be out shortly after the Xbox One release. 1. Halo 5: Guardians Even though it’s well over a year away, the next saga in the Halo franchise will easily be one of the most exciting, continuing Master Chief’s quest to find out what happened to his virtual partner Cortana. He’s not the only one hitting the ground running, however, as a mysterious new character will take part in the action with his own story to tell. The beta packaged with the Master Chief Collection, which kicks off this December, should also introduce a whole new level of multiplayer.