Learn from each activity in your Life

How do you want to spend your weekends while snuggling in your bed or you spend some time with your dreams towards their fulfillment? The dreams are our pathways to the ladder of success, if we ever wanted to go forward and march to our dreams, we definitely want to take it forward to other […]

Subscription-compatible MP3 player for $39.99

I didn’t buy much on Black Friday 2005, the day after Thanksgiving when stores purportedly have all their crazy door-buster specials. I found most of the deals disappointing. But one deal that I took advantage of was a $39 special on a 512MB SanDisk Sansa m230 MP3 player. I went over to Best Buy with […]

Toy Fair 2006: Tech Toys, Part II

Here in New York, the sun’s out, the snow’s melting, and Toy Fair is nearly at an end. I saw more tech-influenced toys this year than maybe ever before (and I’ve been at each Toy Fair for the past 6 years). I know this because of the pile of work I didn’t get to on Monday or Tuesday […]

The Return of the Cheap Geek

Last December, the Cheap Geek got out of the gate with a bang on pcmag.com, but then it went on hiatus in January. Part of that was due to the fact that I bought a new car (below invoice, of course) which lowered my shopping drive just a bit. But while I may not be […]

Tech Toys at Toy Fair 2016

New York is one resiliant town. We got buried under more than 2 feet of snow, but that didn’t stop the Toy Fair, which opened Sunday, February 12 (blizzard day). I got to the Javits Convention Center on Monday to see whether technology has made any new inroads into the toy industry; with a few notable exceptions […]

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