The Return of the Cheap Geek

Last December, the Cheap Geek got out of the gate with a bang on, but then it went on hiatus in January. Part of that was due to the fact that I bought a new car (below invoice, of course) which lowered my shopping drive just a bit. But while I may not be opening up my wallet as often (except perhaps for a few Free After Rebate deals), I still love finding great deals and sharing them. I’m going to be posting deals here on Gearlog because it will let me tell you about individual bargains as I come across them, rather than wait to gather several and wrap them all together into an entire column. But if you want to save the most money, you’ve got to do a little hunting on your own as well. (Just make sure you know the difference between a good price and a hunting buddy.)


So here are a few places to get started:In the past, I’ve mentioned my favorite sites:Techbargains ( All tech (well, mostly tech). Constantly updated with great deals, whether through discounts, rebates, or piling on the coupon codes. SlickDeals ( Not nearly as active as Techbargains, but when they get pretty clever to eek out a few more dollars of savings.Ben’s Bargains ( Got to love it, if for no other reason than the name.

A lot like TechBargains, although not quite as info loaded (or overloaded) While the column was away, I still received several e-mails from readers suggesting additional sites. Here are some of the best:And, of course, there’s always where you can search for the best price on a specific item. But when you find a price you like, check Techbargains or one of the other sites to see if there are coupon codes that could save you a few dollars more when you click through from

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