Sony PlayStation Home’s Top 10 List

July has come and gone for all of us PlayStation Home Community members and with all the happy shiny avatars running around PlayStation Home, we have enjoyed another month of great content drops.
Each month, when Sony sends us its list of Top 10 items sold for any particular month, it is always interesting to find out what items seem to appeal to the members of our community.  As always, let me clear up that this Top 10 List is in the order of UNITS SOLD, not dollar amount.

Some items seem to have a solid grasp in the Top 10 list month after month such as Mass Media Inc.’s  The Green Ticket which came in 1st place again!   The Green Ticket allows members of our community the opportunity to play the various games in the Midway spaces on PlayStation Home.   Other items that are very popular month after month are Lockwood Publishing Ltd.’s  Gift Machine Token Paks, both the 80 Pak which came in 2nd place and the 480 Pak which came in 5th place.   Not to be left behind, Digital leisure Inc. came in 3rd place with the 500 chip Pak for those who love to gamble (of course we mean ‘virtual’ gambling! ^_- ) in the Casino public space.
A couple of items have appeared on the Top 10 list before, such as Sony Computer Entertainment of America’s Graffiti Neon Green High-Tops for males, which came in 4th place; and Lockwood Publishing Ltd.’s Blue Skinny Jeans with Red Belt and White Boxer Shorts, which came in 6th place.     Sony Computer Entertainment of America also had its Checkered Black Shirt and Tattoo for males which came in 8th place.
We had three brand NEW products that made a big impact for PlayStation Home Community members for the month of July.   Seeing that many community members have been clamoring for more custom animations for their avatars;  one company, Konami Digital Entertainment Inc. has already made a big impact in PlayStation Home with their “Raver Neon Man” which came in 7th place.  This Raver Neon Man comes complete with some new dance moves and new animations as it constantly changes colors through its palette of bright neon colors.  Lockwood Publishing Ltd. released its high definition PODI Ultimate Fireworks Display Pack just in time for the 4th of July fireworks extravaganza in PlayStation Home, even going as far as opening up its Midnight Glade space into a public space just as a great space to display its new high definition PODI firework display.  The PODI Ultimate Fireworks Display Pack debuted in 9th place for the month of July.    Last but definately not least… Sony Computer Entertainment of America came in 10th place with its NEW Crystal Seashores Apartment, a super deluxe haven for those PlayStation Home community members who like to live ‘in style’.

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