Sub-$50 Headphones for the iPod Klutz

My name is Ben and I’m a klutz.I can’t tell you how many times I’ve nearly had my ears removed from my head when my MP3 player’s headphone cable got snared on a doorknob or some other protruding object. Perhaps this is really what happened to Van Gogh.Wireless headphones for the home have been around for a while, but last year Logitech came up with a solution for those of us who like to listen on the go: Bluetooth headphones. There are two versions, black wraparounds for any MP3 player, and white wraparounds that work with specific iPods (iPod photo, mini, U2, 3G and 4G).


Connect the included Bluetooth transmitter and you’re up and running. Because the iPod version connects to the player’s remote connector plug, you can control the iPod with buttons on the headphone’s right earpiece. (PC Magazine’s Mike Kobrin gave the MP3 version 4-stars: click here to read the review.)I saw Joel Santo Domingo, our PC guru, wearing a pair of these while working in PC Labs the other day and asked him about them. Here’s what he had to say:They’re great except… my brother who also has a pair can’t use his anymore because of the cracked headband problem. It sounds good, having no cords is a blessing, and it’s a brilliant design, except they really should’ve made the headband foldable.

I specifically use them in the office because I never want to stuff them into my bag while running to the train and hear a ‘crack’ that tells me they’re ruined.So Joel doesn’t recommend them for commuting, but I think I’d take my chances. It’s when I’m out and about that I need to be without cords. (Actually, I need that at home too.) But I have heard about cracking headbands. Logitech has apparently been pretty good about replacing broken units in warranty, but who wants to go through that. Handle with care.When the headphones were introduced, the MP3 headphones cost $129.99 and the iPod units were $149.99. But now has the iPod version for $42.99 after $50 rebate and eCost has them for $41, also after the $50 rebate. The generic MP3 version? Still over $100. There is no justice.Still, at under $50 for the iPod version, maybe a few more klutzes can be saved.

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